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Who we are?

We have a highly trained staff with years of experience 

Our staff’s experience and training, coupled with their expertise, skills, and cordiality have helped us to develop our reputation of always putting the customer first, resulting in loyal customers from coast to coast.

 What Makes us Different is the Way We Do Work 

How we accomplish our mission is as important to us as the mission itself. Fundamental to the success of our company are a set of basic values that we believe in and strive to adhere to.


The Westbrook experience begins with our White Glove Specialists. More than just a name, our highly trained staff are the source of our strength. We strive to cultivate a level of expertise, care and pride in our employees second to none. Our White Glove Specialists’ knowledge, promptness, and professionalism have been instrumental in establishing and maintaining our outstanding reputation for providing the best care available in the shipping industry.


Westbrook Corp continuously adapts by adding new routes and services to satisfy our loyal customers' needs. Through professionalism and affordability, Westbrook Corp has become the preferred shipper for many interior designers, auction houses and antiques shows across the country.


We hold all our staff to the highest standards so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are being handled with the utmost care and expertise. Our customer’s satisfaction is the ultimate results of all our efforts. If there is a will, our White Glove Specialists will find a way!

Inca Trail, June 2010- the trip that pushed Justin to start his own business

Justin Westbrook - Founder

Justin Westbrook created Westbrook Corp after a lifetime of training in the industry. By the time Justin was ten, he was already assisting at his grandfather’s business, Skinners Auction Gallery in Sardis, GA. He helped pack and unpack boxes of porcelain, glass, and china; polished furniture; and swept the floors of the auction. In high school, Justin travelled with his Poppy up and down the east coast helping them load and unload trucks full of antiques for monthly auctions.


Justin quickly developed a passion for the antiques trade and the hustle and bustle of working in large, fast paced cities. After his grandfather retired, Justin continued traveling with his uncle. They shifted their focus to working antique shows, including Scott's Antique Market, Round Top Antiques Fair, and the Miami Beach Show. During this time, Justin identified the need for an affordable white glove delivery service. He has incorporated his knowledge of period antiques, love of traveling, and strong work ethic to create Westbrook Corp, and made it his personal mission to be the best moving company available. Justin often jokes that "he's been doing this all his life, whether he wanted to or not!".


Justin has hand selected and trained a professional, courteous, and knowledgeable staff to help him with his business. They are constantly changing by adding new routes and services to satisfy their loyal customers' needs. Because of their level of professionalism and affordability, Westbrook Corp has become the preferred shippers for many interior designers, auction houses and antiques shows from New York, Miami, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco.


Harriet Lowndes Aiken painting being delivered to the Aiken-Rhett house after conservation.

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